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Does Your Furnace Heat All Rooms Evenly?

A common issue that we hear from our customers in Ottawa and the Valley is that certain rooms in their home are colder than others. This often results in homeowners turning up their furnace to a higher level in order to achieve a comfortable temperature in the colder rooms. Of course, this makes the other rooms less comfortable and results in a higher utility bill at the end of the month. Since a furnace moves warm air throughout your home, it does make sense that areas where the heat has to travel less are going to be warmer. But there are certain things that you can do to help equalize this issue. So what can you do to help balance the temperature in your home during the winter months?

Insulate Your Home:

One of the major contributors to poor heat equalization in your home is heat loss. This can be attributed to many variables including poor or inadequate insulation in your attic and heat loss through windows and doors. Make sure to check or have an expert look at your insulation to ensure you are not losing heat through these areas. You can also install a plastic insulation layer over your windows during the winter to increase your insulation. This is especially important if you do not have energy efficient windows as the heat loss can be extreme. Your local Ottawa hardware store sells many products that are easy to install. Also, make sure to check your doors for cool air. Weatherstripping can greatly increase the temperature in these areas when properly installed.

Clean Your Ducts:

Ottawa homeowners often think that a professional needs to perform duct cleaning in their home so they avoid cleaning under air vents. We recommend during your regular vacuuming that you open your air vents and clean as far as you can. This not only helps equalize heat by removing blocks, it will also help to improve your indoor air quality. This is also a great way to ensure that your ducts are all the way open in the cooler rooms. Professional duct clean will also achieve this and ensure that there are no blockages within the system.

Clean Your Chimney:

By cleaning your chimney you are ensuring that it is closing properly (and all the way). Often cold air gets in during the winter through a chimney flue that is not working correctly. We recommend that you have your chimney cleaned annually to avoid any heat loss, and to protect you again fires, and carbon monoxide in your home.

Adjust Your Heating Ducts:

This may sound like an obvious point but it is often overlooked. By using (or installing) adjustable ducts in your home, you will be able to adjust the airflow into each room. This will provide you with more control over your heating system and indoor air comfort. We recommend that you utilize adjustable ducts to push the heat into the cooler rooms resulting in a more even temperature.

Clean Your Furnace Air Filter:

Depending on the type of filter your furnace uses, we recommend replacement every 1 to 6 months. The standard 1″ filter should be replaced every month and the higher performing 4″ filters should be replaced every 6 months at the most. When purchasing a filter, consider the balance between air quality and efficiency. A tighter premium filter results in more particulates removed from the air but will make your furnace work harder to push this air. If you are comfortable with your air quality, we recommend using the less expensive filters. If you are interested in improving your air filter we recommend going to a premium 4″ filter system as opposed to buying a premium 1″ filter. This will make sure that you are not losing efficiency while achieving cleaner air in your home. In regards to temperature equalization, a clean filter will provide more airflow resulting in hot air reaching the further areas of your home.

Perform Annual Furnace Maintenance:

By having an expert (such as AirZone) inspect and maintain your furnace, you are ensuring that your furnace is heating all areas of your home correctly.

Replace Your Furnace:

If your furnace is over 12 years old, you may want to start and think about a furnace replacement. New Ottawa Furnaces provide a greater efficiency resulting in a reduction in energy costs, along with a slew of other benefits including sound reduction. If you are using a single stage furnace a two stage or variable speed can drastically change the comfort level in rooms that are experiencing a cooler temperature.

Thank you for checking out our tips for making your home more comfortable! And remember, for any Ottawa heating needs contact the experts at AirZone HVAC Services.


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