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Choose Airzone & Avoid The Worst HVAC Companies In Ottawa

As a high quality HVAC contractor in Ottawa AirZone HVAC Services is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. There are many reasons why you should choose a high quality company such as AirZone for all of your HVAC needs. The purpose of this article is to educate the Ottawa consumer on what to look out for when choosing a HVAC contractor so you don’t end up with an incorrect installation.

Worst HVAC Company Traits:

1. Incorrect sizing of units – This is a common problem in the Ottawa area. A HVAC contractor will push a certain unit that is not sized correctly for a consumer’s home. There are many reasons that heating and cooling contractors would like to sell you a particular unit regardless of your needs. The first reason is that they have an extra unit left over that they are looking to move. Another common reason is that they have a higher profit margin on a larger unit thus enticing them to install the more profitable equipment. Although on paper this unit may appear more efficient, it actually will cost more to operate due to its larger size.

2. Not properly licensed – We come across this issue a lot in Ottawa. These contractors are referred to as “truck slammers” in the industry and commonly drive around with a white van or truck and use someone elses license to complete the installation. Many times they do not have the proper license at all. We highly recommend that you as for up to date licenses and insurance documents before providing any sort of deposit. The issue with hiring these individuals is that they are often not insured which puts you at risk, and are often not around to fix any issues that may arise. For example, if you have a 1 year labour warranty on an air conditioner install, will that contractor be around next year if you have a problem?

3. Door to door pressure tactics – One large company in Ontario has made millions taking advantage of consumers through door to door sales. The typical sales pitch is that the representative is actually from the utility company and needs to check on your equipment. Once they come in the door and are able to see your equipment they use all kinds of tactics to trick you into getting new equipment, often before it is needed. Our recommendation is that you never let anyone into your home without an appointment. A great way to check their credentials is to call their office directly (to confirm their identity), or perform a google search and find review from other consumers.

There are many other traits that make choosing a HVAC contractor difficult in Ottawa. Our recommendation is to review company reviews, check ratings on the Better Business Bureau, and ask how long a company has been in business. At AirZone, we are also happy to provide recent customer testimonials to our customers.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your installation and service!

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