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Buy a Ductless Mini Split Ottawa and Save Energy

Why buy a ductless mini split Ottawa in 2023? This article will explore the many reasons for the popularity of ductless heat pumps and air conditioners in the past few years. Learn why AirZone HVAC Services loves these systems!

What is a ductless mini split?

A ductless mini split is a heating/cooling unit that offers flexible installation options. These systems are really popular in Ottawa due to their high efficiency ratings. A ductless heat pump consists of an indoor and outdoor component that transfers energy (in the form of heat). In the summer, the unit takes heat from indoors and transfers it to the outdoors. In the winter, the system transfers heat from outside, into the home. Unlike traditional furnaces, ductless mini splits do not need ductwork. This make the design and installation of these system very flexible. The indoor portion of the heat pump (head) is mounted on the wall and has a built in fan to distribute the conditioned air. Another great feature of these units is the custom control. Each indoor head comes equipped with its own remote for full temperature control.

An outdoor portion of a mini split system. This popular choice is a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat product.

Who can use a ductless mini split Ottawa?

Virtually any home in Ottawa can use a ductless mini split! There are three common design practices for ductless mini split installations.

1)Spot heating/cooling: Mini splits are great for taking care of that hard to heat/cool area. In Ottawa we have a lot of rooms built over garages. These rooms may be uncomfortably hot in summer and very cold in the winter. Putting a single zone mini split into one of these rooms as a great way to ensure that room is comfortable.

2) Whole home (fully electric): Homes that heat with electric baseboards are the ultimate candidate for ductless heat pumps. You can have one outdoor unit serve up to 8 indoor heads. Since these units are incredibly energy efficient, people generally cut their electrical bill in half with a properly sized, whole home heat pump system!

3)Whole home (gas backup): Even homeowners that heat with a gas furnace can benefit from full ductless systems. You can get way more control over your comfort when utilizing multiple indoor heads! Furthermore, ductless heat pumps tend to be twice as efficient as air conditioners and can produce heat even at temperatures as low as -30C!

Ductless mini splits are a solution that is much more efficient than a standard AC. This will help with energy bills all summer. Furthermore, people that are heating with electric baseboards will see massive savings in the winter months with the heat pump. Finally, even those using gas heat can see great savings in the shoulder seasons when heating with ductless heat pumps.

A look at the Mitsubishi indoor head. This is part of the Hyper Heat ductless split system.

Ductless mini split Ottawa cost?

Nailing down the cost of a ductless mini split Ottawa can be difficult. This is due to the wide range of units available and the customization of designs. You can install a fairly entry level single zone for a very appealing price point. Conversely, you can install a very high end, eight head hyper heating unit that will cost substantially more. Generally you can expect to pay approximately $3000 for an entry level single zone heat pump with the high end hyper heating single zones in the $5000-$7000 range. In terms of whole home solutions we tend to see clients spend in the $12,000-$20,000 range. It is important to keep in mind that a properly designed system may qualify for up to $6500 in rebates!

Most popular ductless mini split Ottawa

In Ottawa we tend to see the same few units as fan favorites! The Mitsubishi Hyper heat ductless mini split receives amazing reviews. We use this system in our office at work and both owners of the company use them at their own homes. Lennox also has some amazing options with the MLB line of cold climate ductless heat pumps. Finally, for the more price conscious shopper we have great options from brands like Moovair, Comfortaire and entry level products from Lennox! Call our office or complete a request a quote form on our website for a free in home consultation!

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