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Best Air Conditioner Options Ottawa

Ottawa has some of the most drastic weather in the entire world. We can have -35C temperatures in the winter and +35C in the summer! As summers get hotter and more humid, we find homeowners tend to value a reliable and well designed cooling system more and more. There are so many different ways to cool a home in Ottawa, the decision can be overwhelming. When it comes to the best air conditioner Ottawa, it really depends on your home and what you are trying to accomplish. Below we break out everything from the different types of air conditioners, their prices and the new trend of heat pumps as air conditioners.

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Best Types of Air Conditioner Ottawa

Typical Top Discharge Air Conditioner

The most typical air conditioner we install/service in Ottawa is the standard top discharge condensing unit(see picture below). There are different levels of quality when it comes to these type of air conditioners, these quality differences are based on 3 parameters. Sound levels, efficiency and compressor operation. Entry level units are generally minimum efficiency (13 SEER), operate with a single stage compressor and tend to be the loudest air conditioner option. These units are either on or off and offer the lowest level of comfort control. Mid level air conditioners increase in efficiency levels and run at much lower sound levels. Many of these units offer multi stage compressor operation, meaning you have increased levels of comfort with longer runtimes and much better dehumidification. Finally, high end air conditioners have increased SEER levels and variable speed compressors. These units run at very low decibel ratings, cost much less to operate and can deliver you perfect comfort with very long runtime cycles.

Ottawa Air Conditioner Operation FAQ

Side Discharge Air Conditioner

Side discharge air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular in the Ottawa area. These units generally have very similar specifications to a standard top discharge. The major difference between these units and a standard unit is the sound levels. Side discharge units are incredibly quiet and save tremendous amounts of space. As home’s are being built closer to each other, these units continue to gain popularity. You can get these units in single stage, two stage and variable speed. Even the entry level, single stage units run at incredibly low sound levels!

Ductless Air Conditioners

These units do not need a furnace/air handler to operate. With incredible efficiency ratings and virtually silent operation, they tend to be the pinnacle of cooling technology. Houses that have no ductwork or difficult to cool rooms really benefit from these systems. Ductless systems are always side discharge units which make them quite and space saving.

Cold climate heat pump installed by Ottawa Moovair dealer AirZone HVAC Services.

Heat Pump as an Air Conditioner Ottawa

One of the biggest trends we are seeing in the HVAC industry in Ottawa is the transition to heat pumps. There are great rebates available now that can make the purchase of a new, high end heat pump, very feasible. As a heat pump is also an air conditioner, we are seeing many people opt towards this technology instead of a standard air conditioner. As the rebate program progresses and evolves, we are now seeing products that allow you to install a heat pump on your existing furnace and qualify for rebates that can make your purchase virtually free! This is a great way to get high end, efficient cooling without the typical upfront investment. The audit process may deter people that are in a rush to replace an old air conditioner, but for those that are being preemptive and have time, a heat pump is an amazing option.

The Mitsubishi ZUBA Central Heat Pump System is very popular in Ottawa right now. Installed by cold climate heat pump expert AirZone HVAC services.

Best Air Conditioner Ottawa Prices

Air conditioner prices change year to year with inflation and changes in industry standards. That being said we tend to see trends with average air conditioner/heat pump prices in Ottawa. Entry level air conditioners range from $3500-$5000. Higher end air conditioners tend to cost $4500-$10,000 in Ottawa. Finally, heat pump systems tend to average around $15,000 prior to rebate. With exciting developments in the grant programs we are now seeing the emergence of heat pump only rebates! This means there are options in the $6000-$8000 range that may qualify for $6500 rebates! The best way to determine what system is best for you and your home is to reach out to our team and book a free in home consultation.

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Heating and Cooling Company Jobs - Careers, HVAC, Ottawa ON


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