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Air Conditioner Ottawa – Product Comparison

As the summer months approach, we take a look at two of our best air conditioner products for the Ottawa area. This is due to a great balance of performance, reliability, and unit cost.

So what is the right Ottawa air conditioner for your home? At AirZone, we carry most brands but we regularly recommend a unit from Amana and Lennox. In our experience, these two brands offer the best bang for your buck and will offer years of reliable performance. And as we always say, “A happy customer is a returning customer”!

So what are the differences between the Lennox XC14 and the Amana ASX14?

Sound Levels:

For starters, both air conditioners offer a quiet operation. The dB varies by model, however we find that the standard air conditioner Ottawa installation model from Lennox has a slightly higher dB. We give the edge here to the Amana unit because most of their models are slightly less noisy than the Lennox units.

Efficiency Levels:

Secondly, the SEER rating gives us a window into the energy efficiency of each unit. Lennox takes this category with a higher SEER rating offering a lower operating cost. The Lennox also carries the Energy Star Qualified label.

Warranty Protection:

The third major consideration are the warrenties offered by each manufacturer. Amana has an unbelievable lifetime limited warranty on the air conditioner compressor. When the compressor fails, the repair cost is usually quite high often leading to the purchase of a new unit (depending on the age). This happens with older air conditioners from time to time. Amana definitely takes this category with their lifetime warranty as compared to the 10 year Lennox compressor coverage.

Air Conditioner Price:

And our final consideration is the price. The Amana unit is actually less expensive than the Lennox unit, leading many of our customers to save on their air conditioner purchase.

Conclusion – Ottawa Air Conditioner:

So what is our conclusion about both air conditioners and which is better? We consider both of these units to be a great choice! Depending on your current system, you may want to choose a Lennox unit to work with your existing equipment. If this is not an issue, we tend to recommend the Amana unit due to its lifetime compressor warranty and lower price point.

Thank you for your interest in each unit! We hope that you choose AirZone HVAC Services for your Ottawa air conditioner installation due to our honest approach and quality guarantee. We look forward to hearing from you!

Features and Benefits Lennox XC14 Amana ASX14
Price Slightly more than ASX14 Slightly less than XC14
Energy Efficiency
SEER Rating Up to 16.20 SEER Up to 15 SEER
Energy Star Qualified Yes No
Quiet Operation
Sound Level 70 dB to 73 dB 70 dB to 74 dB
Chlorine Free R-410A Refrigerant Yes Yes
Compressor 10 Year Limited Lifetime Limited
Remaining Covered Parts 10 Year Limited 10 Year Limited
Labour Extra Cost Extra Cost
Product Brochures
Right click to save PDF Download XC14 Brochure Download ASX14 Brochure
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