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AirZone HVAC Services is a high quality cooling and heating contractor servicing the greater Westboro Village area in Ottawa, Ontario. We have a huge amount of experience installing HVAC systems in Westboro homes and commercial building due to our office’s nearby location. We understand what is needed to deliver high quality systems that are dependable and reliable while still offering the best value possible.


We have found that our Westboro clients are some of the most environmentally conscious consumers in the Ottawa area. We regularly install heating and cooling systems that offer cutting edge energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Our team specializes in green systems that regularly qualify for grants based on strict energy requirements.

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Popular Heating and Cooling Products

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Cooling Solutions / Services

As a qualified HVAC dealer in Westboro we offer a number products and service to cool your home or business. We have spent a lot of time researching and training with the latest products available and are offering these solutions to our clients. We provide central air conditioners, ductless ACs, heat pumps, and more. We regularly install split systems that provide cooling in hard to reach areas of the home. When you choose AirZone you will receive the best custom HVAC design in the business for your Westboro home.


We provide service for all brands of air conditioner and keep our vehicles stocked with common repair parts for a faster turn around which is especially important with the current stock shortages facing the industry in Ottawa right now.

Heating Sales and Service

Westboro currently has a mix of much older homes with new construction going up every day. We provide retrofit furnaces along with new construction heating systems to meet both demands. In addition to our new high efficiency furnace sales, we also offer other heating products such as boilers and heat pumps. As a custom HVAC contractor we also design and build radiant floor heating systems that are perfect for new construction homes in search of luxurious heating solutions.


In addition to our new heating equipment installations we also provide a full service team to ensure you get the most out of your system for years to come. Our annual maintenance and protection packages are great options to provide worry free heating all winter long. And with emergency heating service we are here for you 24 hours 7 days a week.

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AirZone HVAC Services - Westboro Sales and Service

Contact Information:


Phone: 613-592-5770

Fax: 613-592-5747



Office Hours:


Monday to Friday 7am-4:30pm

24/7 Emergency Service – Call 613-592-5770 for after hour requests.

Sales appointments available evenings and weekends.

Why Choose AirZone For Your Heating and Cooling Needs?


AirZone HVAC Services is a family business who has been operating in the Westboro area for over 15 years. We have built our reputation on the best customer service in the industry…period. We pair this with revolutionary products that require additional training and expertise because we want the best for our clients.


We carry multiple brands of heating and cooling equipment to bring you the best price and selection on top performing equipment. And we offer all of this with honest and straightforward advice without any pressure sales or unethical tactics.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating/Cooling Westboro

Westboro has a lot of larger homes that require a central air conditioner that is cable of cooling more square footage. In addition to this the average price is slightly higher in the Village because consumers are typically purchasing a higher end performance unit. The typical spend in Ottawa in 2022 ranges from $3300 to $3800 with the Westboro average closer to the higher end price. We are also installing a lot of green energy systems that utilize ductless split systems and heat pumps with amazing energy savings. These systems are substantially more expensive with the major benefit being efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.

A heat pump has the ability to heat and cool a home but is best paired with a furnace due to Westboro’s frigid temperatures in the winter. They are an amazing addition to help with heating however and a perfect compliment to a furnace system. In fact, heat pumps are rapidly becoming more popular than central air conditioners due to their energy savings and environmental benefits.

There are many reasons to install a humidifier in your home with the number one reason being indoor air comfort. Many people who suffer from allergies and dry nose prefer to have a humidifier for the harsh winter months. Other benefits of humidifiers include protecting household products such as wood furniture and flooring. Did you know that the recommended humidity in your home should be maintained at 35-55 percent? Expansion and contraction can cause wood floors to squeak over time and even delaminate.