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Protecting Our Seniors from HVAC Scams – AirZone HVAC Services’ Commitment

In light of recent warnings from the Ottawa Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police, as reported by Ottawa City News, we at AirZone HVAC Services wish to reiterate our unwavering commitment to consumer protection, especially among our senior community. A concerning HVAC scam has been targeting seniors by falsely claiming to represent Consumer Protection Ontario. These scammers have been attempting to gain unauthorized entry into homes under the pretext of reducing HVAC payments and removing Notices of Security Interest, misleadingly referencing the federal “Greener Homes” rebate program in their communication.

We urge our clients and community members to remain vigilant. Authentic government agencies, including Consumer Protection Ontario, will never directly contact individuals to request personal information such as your Social Insurance Number, banking details, or health information. Additionally, these legitimate entities will not offer unsolicited money or sign you up for rebate programs​​.

At AirZone HVAC Services, we stand in solidarity with the concerns raised by law enforcement and wish to offer guidance and reassurance to our valued customers. Following the enactment of stricter regulations in 2018, we have actively supported the prohibition of unsolicited door-to-door marketing and contracting within the HVAC industry. This stance stems from witnessing the adverse impacts of predatory sales tactics, particularly on the elderly, who are often the primary targets of such deceitful practices.

Our approach is built on honesty and transparency. Contrary to the aggressive and deceptive sales strategies rampant in our industry, AirZone HVAC Services has always avoided door-to-door sales, choosing instead to provide accurate, straightforward information to those seeking HVAC solutions. This philosophy not only reflects our core values but also ensures that our clients can make informed decisions without external pressure.

In adherence to the updated regulations under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, 2002, AirZone has implemented measures to ensure all our team members comply with legal standards, particularly those prohibiting unsolicited door-to-door marketing and contracting for HVAC-related products and services. We advocate for a pressure-free approach, prioritizing the rights and welfare of our customers above all else.

To our Ottawa homeowners, we encourage you to stay informed and vigilant. If you have any concerns regarding HVAC services or encounter suspicious behavior, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our dedication extends beyond providing exceptional HVAC services; we are committed to protecting our community from scams and fraudulent activities.

For additional information on how we support consumer protection laws and tips to safeguard yourself against HVAC scams, please visit our Consumer Protection page here.

Remember, your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities. Together, we can foster a safer, more transparent marketplace for everyone.


To view the recent article about HVAC scams and a warning issued by the OPP and OPS please use the City News link below:

City News Article (February 22nd, 2024)

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