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New Fireplace Installation

One of our most popular product lines around Christmas time are our insert gas fireplaces. They are perfect for the holidays and can transform a room into a warm and inviting space. There are many different options when it comes to fireplace designs including gas inserts. These inserts are typically powered by natural gas for extremely easy usability and operation.

One of the most common questions that we receive about our fireplace products is do they put out heat. The answer is yes! Most of our inserts have a vent in the front of the unit allowing warm air to be exhausted out the front. This creates the sensation of a real fireplace.

Ottawa Fireplace Installation

Check out the picture attached to this post. It is from an installation that we completed in December 2016. The customer wanted to have a beautiful stone surround around the fireplace. This was accomplished using a cement board backing combined with a stone veneer. The veneer option is a great way to have the stone appearance without adding too much weight to your wall. The cement board easily holds these thin pieces of stone. As you can see, the finished look appears to be full pieces of stone. The benefit of these veneers is that they are a lot less expensive than buying larger (thicker) pieces and the space they take up is minimized.

AirZone offers fireplace products from two major suppliers. These suppliers include Monessen and Majestic. We choose our suppliers to ensure that our customers are receiving the best product at a great price. Both of these brands meet this requirement. There are many beautiful designs to choose from when it comes to gas fireplace inserts. This includes many available log styles to compliment the look you are going for with a new fireplace.

Glass Fireplace Kits:

Looking for a unique fireplace design? We sell fireplace glass kits as an alternative to logs. This adds a chic appearance that is great for modernizing a home. The glass sparkles when the fireplace is running and adds a beautiful appearance to any room.

Fireplace Maintenance

Did you know that AirZone services gas fireplaces? A gas fireplace needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is operating correctly. A faulty gas fireplace can be a major health concern in your home if it is not working correctly. For example, Carbon Monoxide can be emitted from a faulty product. This is why it is important to have an expert examine your fireplace on an annual basis.

AirZone has a really great protection package for fireplaces. The protection package includes annual maintenance along with fireplace glass cleaning… our most requested fireplace maintenance service. All parts will be examined and inspected to ensure that your fireplace is working correctly and is safe for you to enjoy.

For a full list of the services offered by AirZone and our coverage area, check out our Areas Serviced page.

Gas fireplace installation Ottawa

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