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Ottawa Heating Tips

Now that the Christmas break is over in Ottawa, a new year is upon us and your furnace is working at full capacity. There are many different things that you can do to help your furnace out during the colder months. Please see some heating advice from our trusted Ottawa heating company that will ensure your furnace is running at it’s best!

Change Your Furnace Air Filter

One of the most common contributors to furnace issues is a clogged air filter. A furnace filter is the air entryway to your heating system. Air passes through the filter before entering the furnace. It is located strategically to remove most particulates in the air so they don’t clog up your furnace system. When a filter has a buildup of particulates in it, the furnace has to work harder to pull the air into the system. This results in a higher energy usage resulting in an increase in utility bills. A blocked filter also reduces the lifespan of your furnace. A harder working furnace causes strain on parts such as the blower and motor resulting in a decreased furnace life expectancy.

By changing your furnace filter regularly you will be protecting your Ottawa furnace system, reducing your utility bills, and increasing your heaters lifespan. Also, your indoor air quality will be greatly improved since a clogged filter is not as effective at removing particulates.

There are many different filter types available. The typical 1 inch furnace filter should be changed every month since they clog up quickly. Note that higher end filters are not always better. High end furnace filter products do remove more particulates but are often harder on your system for the same reasons a clogged filter can be harmful. A higher end filter that removes more particulates causes the furnace to work harder. Instead of purchasing a higher end filter product, we recommend two options. The first is that you go with a more affordable filter product and change it more often. This is a great way to ensure you are looking after your furnace and gets you in the routine of changing your filters. The second option is to have a high performance filter cabinet added to your furnace that allows for a 5″ filter product to be installed. A 5″ filter has more surface area allowing for an increased filter lifespan. Housings such as the Mac-L hold the 5″ filter in place and have additional benefits such as an increase in indoor air quality. 5 inch filters should be replaced every 3 to six months depending on their usage and the filter’s manufacturer recommendation.

Winter Furnace Tune-Up

January is a bit of a slower month for heating companies in Ottawa. Take advantage of this to have a fast furnace tune up done in your home! We offer great January furnace tune up rates and it is the perfect time to have a tune up completed so that you are getting the most out of your system. A tune up also reduces the likelihood of a furnace breakdown which can result in expensive emergency service repairs. Our HVAC technicians are trained to diagnose furnace problems before they happen and can prevent expensive part repairs and replacements.

Have Your Ducting Cleaned

Your ductwork in your heating system acts like the veins of your furnace. They supply the warm air to each room in the home. Ducts that are dirty cause the furnace blower to work harder to reach your desired temperature putting strain on your system. Dirty ductwork also leads to a reduction in indoor air quality for obvious reasons. Duct cleaning is an affordable option to ensure your system is clean and sanitized! Many of our customers are amazed at how much is removed in a standard home during duct cleaning. Other Ottawa heating and cooling companies often overlook how important ductwork is to your HVAC system.

Turn Down Your Temperature

Have your considered dropping the temperature in your home a degree or two? By reducing the temperature slightly you will save money on your heating costs and help your furnace last longer! A slightly cooler temperature can be offset by wearing warmer clothing or simply getting used to a slightly cooler home. Smart thermostats can also help to save energy by using a programmed schedule which reduce the temperature during times that you are not home.

Consider A Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is over 12 years old it may be time to consider a furnace replacement. New furnace products offer huge improvements in efficiency and the cost of the heaters is offset with this savings. We offer low monthly financing payments if you would like to defer payment. By replacing your furnace you will be taking advantage of a high efficiency furnace, avoid costly repair costs, and not be inconvenienced with an emergency breakdown during the coldest months of the year. Our Ottawa Furnace technicians are standing by to provide you with a free written quote!

Ottawa Heating Tips for Homeowners

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