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    Install/Service Team




    Lead HVAC Technician
    Sean has been with AirZone since he was co-op student in College! For over seven years he has improved as a technician at a drastic rate and was promoted to Lead Technician. This is directly reflected in his beautiful installs, attention to detail and great track record with customers. He is incredibly easy to speak with and great at explaining what to expect during installation.

    Josh Small


    Lead Installation Technician
    Josh started his career at AirZone as a technician’s helper, having worked as a subcontractor for both Enercare and Reliance Holmes. Most of Josh’s experience was in the installation of hot water tanks and some experience with air handlers. It didn’t take Josh long at AirZone to learn the installation side of the business and become a lead installer. Josh has a significant amount of experience doing project work in the Ottawa Valley.


    Service Technician
    An experienced service technician who received his first gas license back in 2012, Mitchell is dedicated to furthering his HVAC career. When you meet Mitch you will quickly see that he enjoys his role at AirZone and is always happy to answer any questions you may have about your indoor air comfort. Mitch is always thinking outside the box so he can always provide top notch service to our customers.



    Installation Technician
    Cameron joined AirZone almost 4 years ago as an installation helper. Cameron has grown as an HVAC technician leading his team on furnace and air conditioner installations. Cameron has spent a significant amount of time performing equipment maintenance and enriching his service skills. Cameron often be found camping or at home enjoying a good BBQ during his off-time.


    Assistant Technician
    David lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years working in accounts and customer service, moving back home to Canada in 2017. He transitioned to HVAC since then and 3 years into the trade hasn’t looked back. David has nearly completed his gas certificate and is working towards a licence in refrigeration. When not working David loves playing guitar, and outdoor winter sports winter or summer.


    Technician Helper
    Martin joins Airzone with just over a year of HVAC experience. Martin’s work shows his love for learning new things and how he can efficiently overcome obstacles in the field. Martin may be relatively new to the HVAC industry but his ability to think outside the box has already shown itself to be invaluable! We see great things in the future for Martin! When he’s not working Martin spends his time outdoors, usually on a skate board.



    Technician Helper
    Joe joined AirZone at the beginning of 2019 after 13 years in the printing industry. Joe went back to college to re-educate himself and start a new career in the HVAC industry. After successfully obtaining his gas license in 2017, Joe began working in HVAC. Joe bring his 3 years of HVAC experience along with 15 years of work experience and maturity to the AirZone team. When not working Joe enjoys time with his family and playing softball.