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Install/Service Team




Lead HVAC Technician


Sean has been with AirZone since he was co-op student in College! For over five years he has improved as a technician at a drastic rate. This is directly reflected in his beautiful installs, attention to detail and great track record with customers. He is incredibly easy to speak with and great at explaining what to expect during installation.


Lead Service Technician


Jason Kreiger is a lead Service Technician with experience and background in residential and commercial installations. He is a family man who recently moved from the Ottawa Valley to join the Airzone team and what a great addition he has been! His great sense of humour, pleasant attitude and his attention to detail makes Jason an incredibly valuable member of our team. He has quickly become a go to resource for other technicians who have questions!


Lead HVAC Installer / Sheet Metal Mechanic


With over ten years of experience in the field, Jason is the lead installer at Airzone HVAC. Fully qualified as a gas tech, refrigeration tech, sheet metal worker and commercial technician makes Jason the equivalent of a PHD in Heating and Cooling. His quality work directly reflects the passion and care he brings to the field each and every day.



Installation Technician


Adam is an installer in our Ottawa Valley division of AirZone. The fast paced environment of a steadily growing new branch was a perfect fit for Adam. He joined the team as one of the first hires after our expansion up the Ottawa Valley. From the beginning it was obvious that Adam was a dedicated, hard working individual that aimed to grow as the company grows. That is exactly what has been happening and Adam has become a great installer and is well on his way to becoming a Service technician as well!


Technician Hand / Sheet Metal Apprentice


Scott has worked on and off with AirZone as he accomplished his degree. From running our duct cleaning machines to aiding in commercial installations, Scott is now working with Jason on becoming a licensed sheet metal technician; Scott is a very well rounded technician. We look forward to his continuing improvement and the future looks bright!


Technician Hand


One of our newest installers, Cameron has shown amazing potential in the year he has worked with AirZone. He continually performs beautiful installations with Michael and is learning at a very rapid pace. He also possesses one of the brightest, most positive attitudes you could hope for in a technician and is a pleasure to work with.



Technician Hand


Brandon Lacroix is the newest member at Airzone HVAC Services. After completing his schooling for HVAC, Brandon initially helped with deliveries and shop management to get into the industry. Brandon is a full time installation helper, learning every single day and completing his work in a clean and efficient manner. Brandon is a second generation Airzone employee following in the footsteps of his mother Jill Lacroix who is the Office Adminstrator at our head office. It was obvious instantly that Brandon’s hard work and desire to learn make him a great fit at Airzone!