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Furnace Efficiency Ottawa

Advancements in furnace technology have drastically increased the energy efficiency of furnaces over the past decade. The Canadian Government has recognized these increases in efficiency and continue to reward homeowners who upgrade their aging system through incentive programs.

Did you know that the efficiency of your furnace may not be the only reason you are not getting the most out of your comfort system? Many of our residential customers are surprised at how much extra they are spending each month because their system is not running at its best.
In Ottawa, our team of comfort advisors examines many different aspects of your current heating system before making a recommendation. Did you know that there are very few instances where an Ottawa furnace is running at its best?

How We Improve Ottawa Heating Systems:

  1. The first factor we examine when analyzing your comfort system’s efficiency is the age and efficiency of your current furnace. Recognizing advancements in technology, a new furnace may actually pay for itself through energy saving in as little as five years.
  2. A huge amount of heat is often lost through leaky air ducts. This can lead to certain rooms being warmer than others in a house, and is often the reason for a cool upstairs and a hot downstairs. As air is passed through the system it may be lost on lower level rooms resulting in cooler temperatures in other areas.
  3. Have you checked your furnace filter lately? A dirty and clogged air filter results in a furnace that has to work harder to push air through the system. This decreases the furnaces efficiency, and causes an increase in particulates throughout the home. Most furnaces require a new filter every three months or less.
  4. Our comfort advisors examine a number of different factors such as power draw and proper air to fuel ratio. We also check for energy efficient windows and properly installed weather stripping.

Annual Furnace Maintenance:

Please make sure to have you furnace inspected annually by a professional. Routine annual furnace maintenance helps to increase efficiency and maintains your warranty. The cost of an annual visit is often balanced by the increase in furnace efficiency.
For more tips on fall and winter maintenance, don’t forget to check out our Ottawa fall maintenance checklist.
AirZone offers professional annual maintenance for your furnace. Please use the request a quote button below to have us take a look at your current system and increase your comfort system’s efficiency.

Furnace Efficiency Ottawa

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