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Comprehensive Comfort Solutions: Gree Flexx and Its Rebranded Variants

At AirZone HVAC Services, we recommend the Gree Flexx heat pump for its efficiency and superior performance. However, we also understand the importance of having options. That’s why we want to introduce you to the variety of rebranded Gree Flexx heat pumps available, ensuring Ottawa homeowners can make well-informed decisions about their heating and cooling solutions.

Discovering Rebranded Gree Flexx Heat Pumps

Gree is a global leader in the air conditioning industry and supplies its high-quality units to other brands. These brands then sell the Gree Flexx under their own names. This approach broadens the selection available to you, featuring the same advanced technology and efficiency that Gree is known for.

Identifying the Alternatives

Several HVAC brands offer rebranded versions of the Gree Flexx, including the Trane Resolut, Carrier’s Performance Series, Lennox’s Mini-Split Systems, the Boreal Enermaxx, Napoleon NS18, and GE Connect. Despite the different names, these units are built on Gree’s innovative technology, providing the same level of quality and reliability.

Choosing Between Gree Flexx and Its Variants

The choice between Gree Flexx and its rebranded counterparts often comes down to brand preference, warranty offerings, and the support available from local dealers. Whether you’re loyal to a specific brand or looking for the best warranty and service package, we’re here to provide clear information and guidance.

Our Commitment to Quality and Choice

At AirZone, we’re committed to offering a range of heating and cooling solutions, including both Gree Flexx and its reputable rebranded versions. Our expertise allows us to service and install various systems, offering you the flexibility to choose the best option for your home.


Choosing the right heat pump is crucial in Ottawa’s varied climate, affecting both your comfort and energy use. Whether you opt for the Gree Flexx or a rebranded version, AirZone HVAC Services is ready to ensure your choice is a wise one. We’ll help you explore your options, providing professional installation and ongoing support.

For more information on the Gree Flexx heat pump and its alternatives, contact us at AirZone HVAC Services. Together, we’ll find the ideal heating and cooling solution for your home.

Gree Flexx Heat Pump installed using a wall mount in Ottawa, Ontario by heating and cooling contractor AirZone HVAC Services.


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