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Save Money On Heating Your Home: Furnace Prices Ottawa 2023

Furnace prices Ottawa 2023, this blog will explore the types of furnaces available and the average price of a gas furnace in 2023. When choosing a furnace for your home there are numerous factors to consider and we are here to ensure Ottawa home owners are making the right choice for their home’s!

Types of Furnaces, How this affects Furnace Prices Ottawa

What are the different types of furnaces available to Ottawa home owners? There are many different types and ways to identify the different types of furnaces. One of the best ways to differentiate the units is by there fuel source. The most common types of furnace in order are natural gas, propane, electric and oil. Depending on where you live and what the communities infrastructure is, it may dictate what type of fuel you will use for your furnace.

Natural gas furnaces are the most popular style of heater in the city of Ottawa. Not all natural gas furnaces are created equal. There are hundreds of different brands, models and levels of quality within the furnace world. The three configurations most companies offer are single stage, two stage or modulating. These stages are determined by the gas valve that is factory installed in the gas furnace. Single stage furnaces are either on or off. They deliver 100% of their capacity anytime they come on, which may lead to temperature swings in the home as well as unwanted noise issues. The most popular style of furnace in Ottawa is the two stage unit. This furnace can generally operate at a low fire and a high fire. This allows for much more precise temperature control, longer run time cycles and quieter operation. Finally, modulating furnaces offer the best comfort control and are virtually silent when running. These furnaces have a gas valve that can ramp up and down in 1% increments, delivering the perfect temperature at all times.

Amana Furnace installation in home

Best Furnace Ottawa 2023

The best furnace in Ottawa in 2023 is a properly sized, professionally installed modulating gas furnace. This is the case because modulating furnaces allow for much more precise temperature control. They are almost always running at a low fire which allows the home to feel an even, warm climate. These furnaces have the ability to overcome temperature gaps quickly if needed but are generally designed to run virtually all the time at a low fire.

The sizing and installation is absolutely crucial when choosing a new furnace. An oversized or undersized furnace will make the home uncomfortable, cause premature failure and unnecessary noise. Once the properly sized furnace is chosen, the installation is the next most important factor. Choosing an Ottawa furnace contractor that is experienced is very important. A furnace that is installed improperly can cause a litany of problems. These problems can range from comfort issues to safety concerns. Dialing in a furnace can be an art. From adjusting gas pressures, ensuring venting is optimal, calibrating fan speeds and setting up thermostat controls properly, this is not a step that should be skipped or rushed.

Best Furnace Brands Ottawa

There are numerous different brands available to Ottawa home owners. Most brands that are widely available on the market offer excellent products. At AirZone HVAC Services, we choose to pair with brands that offer cutting edge technology, amazing customer support and reliable equipment. As a company that has been in business for nearly two decades, we have serviced, maintained and installed nearly every furnace brand under the sun. As a result, we have landed on a few different brands that we feel encompass some of the best qualities that are important in HVAC equipment.

  • Lennox
  • Rheem
  • Amana
  • Bryant
  • Bosch
AirZone HVAC Services - Heating and Cooling Contractor Ottawa

Furnace Prices Ottawa 2023

Furnace Prices can vary a lot depending on the size of your home, installation parameters and quality f equipment. The average furnace price Ottawa 2023 is around $5000. This price is for a two stage, variable speed furnace and includes installation. There are entry level furnaces (single stage) that can be purchased for an average of $3500-$4000. High end modulating furnaces that utilize communicating smart thermostats and the very best technology are averaging $7500-$10,000 installed in the Ottawa area. The only way to determine exactly how much a furnace will cost you is to request a free estimate. Our team of home comfort advisors can deliver you an accurate quote with multiple options that can fit any home or budget!

Bosch Furnace With 5" Air Filtration System Installed

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