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Rheem’s 2019 Acquisition of IBC: Transitioning to Rheem Branding and AirZone’s Pivotal Role

In a strategic move back in 2019, Rheem acquired IBC Technologies, a significant event in the HVAC industry. Now, after a period of integration and strategic planning, Rheem has begun transitioning IBC products to the Rheem brand. This transition represents not only a change in branding but also a renewed commitment to sustainable HVAC solutions, a mission strongly supported by AirZone HVAC Services, a leading dealer of both Rheem and IBC products in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

AirZone: Embracing the New Era of Rheem-Branded IBC Products

AirZone HVAC Services has responded proactively to the rebranding initiative, ensuring its customers continue to receive the highest quality heating and cooling products. As a trusted dealer, AirZone is uniquely positioned to provide insights and support to homeowners and businesses adapting to the new Rheem-branded IBC products. This transition offers an opportunity for AirZone to further its mission of delivering eco-friendly and efficient HVAC solutions. Our most popular IBC boiler in Ottawa in 2023 is the IBC VX water heater due to it’s efficiency and reliability. As an example this IBC boiler will be rebranded Rheem VX water heater in 2024.

The Impact of Rebranding on Green HVAC Solutions

Rheem’s decision to rebrand IBC products under its name is more than a marketing strategy; it’s a commitment to enhancing the quality and sustainability of its product range. For AirZone, this means access to an even broader portfolio of innovative, energy-efficient products that meet the stringent environmental standards both Rheem and AirZone are known for.

AirZone’s Role in a Seamless Transition

Understanding the nuances of both Rheem and IBC products, AirZone plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition for its customers. From installation and maintenance to expert guidance on the new product line-up, AirZone’s team is equipped to handle all aspects of the transition, ensuring that the high standards of both Rheem and IBC are maintained.

Future Outlook: Advancing Sustainable HVAC Practices

This rebranding initiative marks a new chapter in the HVAC industry’s push towards sustainability. With the combined strength of Rheem’s and IBC’s technologies now under a unified brand, AirZone is excited to offer these advanced, eco-friendly solutions to the Ottawa community. The future looks promising, with a focus on innovation, energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.


The 2019 acquisition of IBC by Rheem, culminating in the recent transition to Rheem-branded products, signifies a significant stride in the HVAC industry’s journey towards sustainability. AirZone HVAC Services, as a dedicated dealer and supporter of both brands, stands ready to guide its customers through this transition, offering state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious heating and cooling solutions. This development reaffirms AirZone’s commitment to excellence and its role in fostering a greener future in HVAC services. For a free boiler estimate from either Rheem or IBC contact us today!

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