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    Online AC Troubleshooter

    Air Conditioner Troubleshooter

    At AirZone HVAC Services, we want to make sure that you are getting fair value for your dollar.


    If there is something that you can fix easily yourself (and prefer to do it), we would rather give you some helpful information to aid you in your repair.


    Is your Air Conditioner not working correctly? Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.


    And if you need additional assistance, we are always here to come out and do a service call.



    Free Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Steps

    Step One:


    The first thing you should always check when having issues with your air conditioner is whether it is turning automatically or not. You can find this out quickly by ensuring that your thermostat is set to “cool”. Next, make sure that the temperature on the thermostat is set lower than the temperature in the home.


    Have a look at your electrical connections – Is there a blown fuse? A tripped circuit? Is the power switch set to ON for your furnace and condenser?


    Step Two:


    Next let’s have a look at the blower unit. Sometimes an air conditioner gets clogged up, and does not put out enough air flow. To check this, go outside to your air conditioner housing. Check for damage to any blades or debris in the blower. Think about where your ducts might be pinched inside your home to prevent the flow of cool air.


    Step Three:


    If you are still having problems with your air conditioner, we recommend that you contact our experts at AirZone HVAC Services. We offer some of the lowest diagnostic rates in the greater Ottawa area, and will go to either end of the city including Rockland and Renfrew to fix your problem! Give us a call at 613-592-5770 to see how AirZone can help!


    Air Conditioner Not Working Efficiently
    There are many different aspects to consider when considering whether your air conditioner is not working efficiently. First, consider the age of your cooling unit. With technological advances air conditioners have become a LOT more efficient. In fact, a high efficiency air conditioner replacement cost can be significantly offset when replacing most 10 year old plus units. The second consideration is that your air conditioner is not working efficiently because of a problem. This is where you have a newer cooler that is not doing its job correctly. The most common cause for this is a blocked filter that is in need of replacement. High efficiency air conditioners can also lose efficiency because of outdoor issues around your outdoor unit. We recommend inspecting for plants and excess dirt that may be preventing airflow to restricting the fan from spinning easily. We commonly see plants that have grown too close to the unit. We recommend keeping a couple of feet clear all the way around to ensure proper airflow.