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Common Furnace Questions | 2022 Ottawa Homes

At AirZone HVAC Services we have been servicing, installing and maintaining gas furnaces in Ottawa and surrounding areas for almost 20 years! We seem to get many of the same questions over and over so we have taken the time to answer our most common furnace questions in order to service you better.

This article discusses some of the most common high efficiency furnace questions asked in the Ottawa area. Thanks for checking it out!

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

We always recommend taking a case by case basis on when you should replace your gas furnace.  Below are the most common reasons/ timeframes to replace your gas furnace.

Your Furnace Is Over 20 Years Old

Technology has advanced so drastically in the last twenty years that you can almost guarantee you can improve your home comfort, save money on utilities and help the environment by replacing an antiquated furnace with a modern high efficiency heater.

Furthermore, you deliver peace of mind when replacing an aging appliance.  This peace of mind comes from knowing your family is safe and also that you will not be caught without heat in the middle of the winter. It is also much more cost effective to plan a furnace replacement without having time to shop due to a emergency heating need.

Is It Worth Repairing A 20 Year Old Furnace?

In some cases it may be worth repairing a 20 year old furnace. If you are not in the position to replace the entire unit and the repair is a small one, it may be worth repairing. Items like pressure switches, high limit switches and thermostats can cause the furnace to stop operating. These repairs can usually be made quickly and get your unit back up and running. 

If the repair will cost more than $300 we generally recommend replacing a furnace that is aged. If you are caught by surprise with the failure, we offer great financing options to ensure you and your family are not without heat.

How Much Does A Furnace Cost in Ottawa in 2022?

The most common question we get is how much does a furnace cost? This question is difficult to answer without evaluating the home but we can definitely give homeowners an idea of expected costs. The variables in pricing include, quality of unit, size of home, difficulty of installation, materials required and if ductwork modifications are required.

Average costs are below:

  • Entry Level: $3500-$5000
  • Mid Range: $4200-$6500
  • High End:$6000-$11,000

What Furnace Size Do I Need?

Every home is different and every homeowner operates their furnace differently. A brand new home may only require 18 BTU’s per square foot. We have seen homes that require nearly 40 BTU’s per square foot. In Ottawa some 1500 square foot homes are served incredibly well by 40,000 BTU furnaces whereas others require 70,000 BTU models. Having a free in home inspection from a certified home comfort advisor is the best way to know what furnace is suited for your home.

How Long Do Furnaces Actually Last?

Not all furnaces are made equal! Proper sizing and installation is a huge factor in determining how long your furnace will last. Furthermore, annual maintenance along with regular filter changes will drastically affect the lifespan of your heater. Manufacturers often warranty parts for 10 years and heat exchangers for 20 years. This shows you that most manufacturers expect their furnaces to last 15-20 years.  We have replaced furnaces that are only 8 years old due to neglect and poor installation. We also have replaced furnaces that are still operating after 40 years!

Can I Install My Own Gas Furnace?

Yes, technically you can install your own gas furnace. We always caution homeowners when it comes to installing your own gas fire appliance. Outside of the factors such as sizing properly, meeting codes, calibrating and ensuring you have the proper tools, safety is the number one concern.  An improperly installed furnace is a huge risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, fire hazard and potential for gas leaks. We suggest a project like this is left to our team of professionals that attended schooling to work with gas fired appliances.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Furnace?

Once again every home is different and every furnace installation is different. Some furnace installations may take as little as 4 or 5 hours to complete in their entirety. Other applications may require major modifications to ductwork, venting and gas pipe. Due to these factors your installation may take 12 hours or even longer if the infrastructure needs to be changed. We have found that the average Ottawa furnace replacement takes approximately 7 hours.

Ottawa Furnace Installation Company

If you are looking for Ottawa’s best furnace installation company please feel free to reach out to our office at 613-592-5770. We do not compromise when it comes to high quality furnace installations! We do all of the extras including custom HVAC designs to ensure our clients get the best of the best with thorough checkpoint verified parameters for furnace installations, multiple brand availability including Bosch, Lennox, Amana, and Rheem, and a directly employed team of installation technicians.

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Common Furnace Questions


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