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Indoor Air Quality Analysis

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Analysis

Over 90% of all homes have at least one indoor air quality (IAQ) problem. These problems lead to everything from allergies and asthma to discomfort and unsafe conditions. Fixing IAQ problems yourself is difficult because you can’t visually see the issues.


The experts at AirZone HVAC Services will help to identify these issues, and offer professional IAQ solutions if any problems are found.

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Indoor Air Quality Ottawa

Healthy Home Program

Our Healthy Home Program will help clean & improve your whole home. We can make the invisible visible. Utilizing HomeAdviceTM, a simple test from an independent 3rd party for assessing indoor air quality (IAQ), we provide you with a professional, detailed report that identifies IAQ issues and provides recommendations to improve air quality.


We offer two different tests depending on your needs. The first is an indoor air quality analysis that examines many factors from mold to particulates. The second is an in depth radon test if elevated levels are found.

IAQ Home Advice Test

We will drop off our Home Advice monitor, and leave it in your residence for a minimum of three days. Our monitor allows us to print out your results at our office prior to returning to your home. We will return to pick-up the monitor, and sit down with you to go over your indoor air quality report.


We also offer the option to perform an additional test to ensure that the Radon levels in your home are at an acceptable level.

Detailed Air Quality Analysis – $299.99 plus HST


Detailed Air Quality Analysis with Radon – $399.99 plus HST

In-Depth Radon Test

If elevated levels of radon are found in our preliminary test, or if you would prefer a more in depth analysis of the presence of radon in your home, AirZone HVAC Services offers an in depth radon test. This test is generally recommended only if excessive levels are discovered.


We will monitor your radon levels over a period of 30 days. This gives us a much more accurate reading due to the time involved. We also use our monitor in areas where radon is more likely present such as a basement.

Radon In Depth Test With Lab Report – $449.99 plus HST

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Indoor Air Quality Testing in Ottawa

Ottawa homes have a multitude of indoor air quality issues. We typically see a number of indicators that your home’s air quality may not be at its best. Here are some of the common air quality symptoms we test for.

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Particulates in the Air: Particulates in the air are comprised of dust, dander, smoke and even soot. When these particulates enter our air stream they can cause irritation, allergies and illness. Our testing will determine if your air is in need of a filtration system or something to remedy these harmful particulates. 


VOC: VOC’s are volatile organic compounds. These chemicals that can be found in the air of most homes and have varying short term and longer term repercussions. Identifying if you have high VOC’s allows you to begin the process of identifying and isolating the source. Very often these VOC’s are emitted by household products such as cleaners, adhesives, candles, flooring components or even material used in cabinets.


CO2: Carbon Dioxide in the air is another parameter in which we test for. Many homes are sealed very tight and are not receiving the appropriate amount of air exchanges. This becomes a problem as high CO2 can lead to headaches, dizziness, fatigue and difficulty breathing. Identifying high CO2 levels can allow us to mitigate the issues with ventilation. 


CO: Carbon Monoxide is often called the silent killer. This odourless, invisible gas is created as a byproduct of combustion. Any gas fire appliance can emit CO into the air. Allow us to ensure your family is safe by conducting an indoor air quality test.


Comfort levels: Our testing also allows us to take a report of the fluctuation of temperature and humidity in the home. As the report can be a short term OR long term report. We can begin to identify trends and help you fine tune your home to ensure comfort year round. 

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Whether you are experiencing allergies, discomfort or are just curious about the health of your home, we can help you understand the symptoms of poor IAQ. 


Once these issues are identified we are Ottawa’s leading experts in remediation through filtration, ventilation, UV lighting and source management.

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