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Air Conditioner Repair Troubleshooting

Air conditioning repairs are often necessary at the worst possible time! In Ottawa, cooling units tent to stop working during the dog days of summer when he heat and humidity are at their highest. An air conditioner diagnostic is completed to see what is wrong with the unit and what is necessary for repair. This can range from a simple AC repair to extensive work such as a compressor replacement.

This article offers some do it yourself (DIY) tips that you can try prior to calling a cooling company. And if you do need additional help we encourage you to reach out to us! We offer exceptional response times and offer cooling repair services to the greater Ottawa area including Pembroke and the Valley (as far as Deep River).

Air Conditioner Repair Checklist (DIY)

Check the furnace filter. A plugged furnace filter will not allow air to pass over the indoor portion of the air conditioner (evaporator coil). This can cause freeze-ups, water spillage, and other catastrophic failures.

Air conditioner Not Working

Check the breaker panel. An overworked air conditioner can trip a breaker causing the unit to stop.

Breaker panel - air conditioner repair troubleshooting guide.

Check your outdoor disconnect switch. This switch is a breaker for the outdoor unit and may just be disconnected.

Disconnect switch for an outdoor HVAC component.

Ensure outdoor condenser is free of debris and not covered by anything. It is important to ensure the unit is getting the appropriate amount of airflow.

Air conditioner Not Working

Check to make sure the tubing or pvc pipe connected to the indoor portion is not plugged. Clogged drains are a very common issue and cause water to pool or collect on top of the furnace and on the floor.

Clogged Drain Location on A Furnace in Ottawa.

Check the thermostat. Ensure the thermostat is in cooling mode and the temperature is set lower than the current indoor reading. Furthermore, it is important to ensure the batteries in the control are not dead.

Check your furnace switch. Many people forget that the furnace is the driving force for your home’s cooling. If the furnace switch is off, it will not be able to distribute the cold air throughout your home.

Air Conditioner Not Working In Ottawa

Experiencing trouble with your air conditioner in Ottawa? At AirZone HVAC Services, we understand the discomfort and inconvenience caused by a malfunctioning AC during our warm summers. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to diagnosing and resolving any air conditioner issues promptly and efficiently.

Firstly, it’s crucial to identify common problems like refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, or a faulty thermostat. These issues not only affect the performance of your air conditioner but can also lead to increased energy bills and decreased system longevity. Our Ottawa-based experts are well-versed in handling these challenges, ensuring your air conditioner operates at its best. If your air conditioner is not working in Ottawa we are here to help!

Regular maintenance is key to preventing unexpected breakdowns. At AirZone, we recommend annual check-ups to keep your system running smoothly. This not only helps in early detection of potential problems but also enhances the efficiency and lifespan of your unit. Our maintenance services are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your air conditioner is in top condition. Maintenance helps to avoid an air conditioner not working call.

In cases where repair might not be the most cost-effective solution, we offer a range of high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioning units suited for Ottawa’s climate. Our team provides personalized recommendations based on your home’s specific needs, ensuring optimal comfort and energy savings.

Remember, a non-functional air conditioner in Ottawa is more than just an inconvenience; it’s a disruption to your comfort. Trust AirZone HVAC Services to restore your home’s cool and comfortable atmosphere promptly. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction makes us a leading choice for all your air conditioning needs in the Ottawa area.

Still Having Cooling Issues With Your Air Conditioner?

If you have followed these steps and are still having issues such as no cooling, system blowing hot air, loud air conditioner, or unit turning on and off it may be time to call a professional. At AirZone HVAC Services we perform air conditioner repair in Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans, Stittsville, Gloucester, Manotick, Nepean, Carp, Dunrobin, Carleton Place, and Rockland.

Air conditioning repairs can generally be diagnosed quickly and many times can be fixed on the spot. If you are having any issues mentioned above please call 613 592 5770 to schedule a service or repair.

Clogged Drain Location on A Furnace in Ottawa.

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