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Ottawa Heating S9V2 Furnace

At AirZone, we are continually testing furnaces to ensure that we are bringing the latest and greatest products to the Ottawa heating marketplace. Last year we added American Standard to our manufacturer lineup due to their extensive history of customer satisfaction and cutting edge products.

After a years time, we are proud to announce that our most popular furnace in 2016 is the American Standard Gold S9V2 High Efficiency Gas Furnace.

Why was this furnace our most popular Ottawa heating product? There are a number of reasons including a beautiful design that stands out (and you will want to show off to your friends), an excellent efficiency rating of 96% AFUE, a industry leading blower that helps to equalize heating in your home, and stainless steel heat exchangers (primary and secondary) offering exceptional reliability.

American Standard S9V2 High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Major features for this Ottawa furnace include:

  • Two stage gas valve offering excellent efficiency and comfort within 1 degree. This is compared to 2.5 degrees with many other furnaces in this range.
  • A hot surface igniter which electronically starts the burner leading to safer operation. With this method a pilot light is no longer needed!
  • A Panasonic Vortex ECM blower motor with industry leading ratings. This blower has the highest output per watt versus other furnaces. This results in cooler rooms that have been harder to push warm air to in the past being heated more evenly.
  • Smoked UV acrylic panels for interview view when the unit is closed. This is one of our most popular features resulting in a beautiful appearance that exudes quality and technology advancement while providing functionality.
  • Versatile installation resulting in lower installation costs versus other models.
  • A very quiet operation resulting in less noise pollution in your home (especially in areas that are close to the furnace).

The bottom line is that this furnace is a great choice for Ottawa homeowners looking for an affordable furnace that offers most of the benefits of a high end heater (at a great price).

Please click the link below to view the product brochure for the S9V2 furnace directly on the American Standard website:

American Standard S9V2 High Efficiency Gas Furnace Brochure

S9V2 Gas Furnace Warranty

The S9V2 offers a great warranty including a lifetime limited warranty on the furnace’s heat exchanger. Along with this, American Standard also offers a 10 year limited warranty on the furnace internal parts (functional). Unlike some other competing manufacturers, American Standard offers a transferable warranty as an additional benefit.

Furnace Rebate Ottawa

Rebates are always important to help save Ottawa homeowners money on their furnace investment. Currently (December 2016) there is a rebate for qualifying high efficiency gas furnaces from the Ontario Power Authority. In order to receive this tier of rebate, furnaces must meet certain criteria. The S9V2 from American Standard qualifies for a generous rebate due to its 96% AFUE rating (along with other criteria). This bridges the gap between lower end furnaces making this two stage variable speed furnace that much more affordable!

Ottawa Heating Dealer AirZone HVAC Services

One of the most important parts of a furnace installation is that it is done by a qualified, licensed and insured HVAC dealer in the Ottawa area. At AirZone, we complete thousands of installations of heating and cooling equipment each year. Our expert installers have a very large track record of installation success and quality workmanship that stands out. We also back all of our installations with our quality you can trust guarantee! We stand behind our work and deliver Ottawa heating systems that are sized correctly for the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency.

American Standard Dealer Ottawa

AirZone is a qualified Ottawa American Standard dealer offering the full lineup of products including the S9V2 high efficiency gas furnace. We carry three furnace manufacturers including Lennox, Amana, and American Standard to offer our clients the most choice for a new furnace. Three manufacturers also allows us to take advantage of dealer incentives throughout the year and pass these savings on to our customers. This is in addition to our volume discount pricing. We offer free no obligation Ottawa heating quotes on new equipment purchases! Contact us today for your free estimate! Thank you for considering AirZone HVAC Services for your Ottawa heating needs.



S9V2 Furnace from American Standard installed by AirZone HVAC Services

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