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Ottawa Heating Manufacturers

In Ottawa there are a number of different heating manufacturers to choose from for your new furnace. Commonly installed brands include Trane, Bryant, Goodman, Amana, American Standard, Lennox and a lot more. At AirZone, we regularly test furnace products from all of the most popular manufacturers. We have chosen to carry the following brands because we believe they offer the best reliability, performance, & durability at a great price.

It is important to do your research before purchasing a new Ottawa heater. One of the most important things to compare is furnace warranty. The standard in the industry is a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on parts. Ottawa heating dealers usually offer a labour warranty that lasts between 1 to 2 years, and you can usually purchase up to 10 years for an extended furnace warranty. Having said this, not all warranties are created equal. For example, one of the best warranties is from Amana offering a lifetime replacement warranty on the heat exchanger.

Ottawa Furnace Manufacturers Available At AirZone

Considering the balance mentioned above, we have carefully chosen to work with three major brands: American Standard, Lennox, and Amana.

American Standard Ottawa

American Standard is the newest addition to our lineup. We underwent testing of the American Standard furnaces and confirmed what consumer reports was saying about their products. American Standard offers a great lineup of furnace products above 80 percent furnace efficiency. The most popular American Standard Furnace for the Ottawa area is the Platinum 95 model. This furnace offers exceptional comfort through the use of modulating heating which operates between 40% and 100%. This range provides many different speeds allowing the unit to achieve an excellent balance of efficiency and indoor comfort. Another consideration is that this furnace operation is extremely quiet especially when running at the lower speeds. As an added benefit, this furnace when paired with a communicating thermostat offers remote monitoring and troubleshooting. This can save you a lot of money by allowing an Ottawa HVAC dealer to troubleshoot and monitor the unit without having to go to your home. Overall our customers have been thrilled with the lineup of furnaces available from American Standard due to their durability, longevity, and performance.

Lennox Ottawa

We have been an Ottawa Lennox dealer for over 10 years. Lennox is a very well known brand in the Ottawa area. Make no mistake that Lennox is a premium product and is often priced higher than other furnace brands. Having said this, Lennox offers some great promotions throughout the year making the price a lot closer. Lennox also carries our favourite high end furnace; the SLP98V. This variable speed modulating furnace is considered the best furnace money can buy. It offers all of the bells and whistles that you would expect from an Ottawa high efficiency furnace. These include the quietest operation, the most efficient heater, and remote monitoring when paired with the iComfort thermostat. It is quite an accomplishment to see a furnace perform at up to 98.7 AFUE! If you are in the market for the best furnace, this is your product.

Amana Ottawa

Amana is Goodman’s top of the line brand. They offer Ottawa furnace products with the best warranty in the business including a lifetime replacement warranty on the heat exchanger. This is extremely important considering that the warranty currently covers a replacement unit. This means that if your heat exchanger cracks you would actually get a new furnace installed and would only have the labour cost to deal with. This is different from other brands that just provide replacement parts. We have found that Amana offers the best two stage furnace product for Ottawa; the AMVC96. This furnace currently qualifies you for the OPA rebate, and offers great efficiency for a two stage unit (96% AFUE). This is combined with a very solid unit with low operational noise and the best warranty in the business. You get all of this at a price that will save you hundreds over some of the other Ottawa furnace brands. We have installed hundreds of these furnaces in the Ottawa area and the feedback has been amazing… Our clients love this furnace! Another added cost savings is that this two stage furnace does not require a communicating thermostat. We often pair this heater with one of the smart thermostats from Nest or Ecobee which come at a lower price than the iComfort.

New Furnace Ottawa

If you are thinking about purchasing a new furnace in Ottawa we encourage you to take advantage of our free no obligation estimate program. We offer fast free quotes for new Ottawa heaters and never use any pressure sales tactics. AirZone is dedicated to providing total indoor air comfort at a great price! Contact us today to receive your free furnace estimate.


Bosch furnace installed in Ottawa, Ontario

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