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Ottawa Furnace Installation Importance

When you are shopping for a new furnace in the Ottawa area, it is important to recognize that not all installations are the same. We regularly hear about issues from customers who have switched to our company due to improper installations with other dealers. The article below lists just a few of the criteria that AirZone examines when completing a new furnace installation to ensure that you get the most out of your heating system.

Proper Sizing of Ottawa Furnace

One of the major factors when choosing a furnace is that it is adequate in size to accomodate your household. Although a common belief is that a larger furnace will provide higher comfort and performance, this is in fact incorrect. A furnace that is too large may lead to your furnace frequently cycling on and off. This has the potential to reduce the life of your heater, and even add stress on the comfort system.

To ensure proper furnace sizing, AirZone calculates the heating and cooling load. This heat loss and gain calculation allows us to recommend the right equipment for your comfort system.

Properly Sealed Ducts

It is important to look at your heating system as a whole – not just the Ottawa furnace. Ducts can leak air leading to areas of your home being heated or cooled that you may not want. A common example of this is a hot basement and a cold upstairs during the winter. AirZone is able to test the leakage rate of your heating and cooling system to determine if duct sealant, tape sealant, and aerosol sealant is required.

Increasing Air Flow Efficiency

A great way to reduce your utility bill is to optimize the air flow in your system. Too much to too little air will result in higher heating and cooling costs. This can be done on a new or an old system by the experts at AirZone, and regularly pays for itself.

Have You Had A Quality Installation?

Below is a checklist of just some of the differences that AirZone offers with our installations:

  • Used foot covers as to not track dirt into your residence
  • Left adequate room around your furnace or equipment so that it may be serviced easily
  • Given you an example of how to change your filter
  • Reviewed your current thermostat and shown you how to use it correctly
  • Gone over the airflow with you to ensure proper flow distribution
  • Ensured that the equipment is venting properly and that there are no leaks in the piping
  • Provided you with the proper documentation for rebates
  • Offered you in writing any pertinent warrenties for your equipment

If you would would like to learn more about the Ottawa Furnace Installation services available from AirZone please contact us today!

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