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Air Conditioner Prices Ottawa (2021)

Are you looking to find out the cost of a new air conditioner in Ottawa or the Ottawa Valley? You have come to the right place! This article discusses the current 2021 air conditioner price in our area as week as what to expect when you choose AirZone HVAC services for your installation. We also cover some commonly asked questions about central air conditioning installations along with some tips.

Central Air Conditioner Installation

When looking for a central air conditioner in Ottawa there are many factors to consider when making a decision on which contractor you would like to work with. Once that decision has been made, the most important day in the life of your air conditioner is it’s installation day. If you want years and years of good service along with reliability on the hottest days of the summer, here are few things to expect on installation day.


What To Expect on Installation Day


Our office team will reach out and deliver you an arrival time for your installation team. Upon arrival, our team will introduce themselves and ensure they place protective floor runners from the front door to the furnace downstairs. At this point it may be prudent to move any vehicles in the driveway to allow our team better access to your home.  Furthermore it is always a good idea to clear the air conditioner area of debris and ensure there is good access to the furnace area. 


On installation day AirZone HVAC Services will generally send a team of two technicians to complete your installation.  As an air conditioner installation involves refrigerant, one of these technicians will be carrying a 313D refrigeration license (Ontario).  


Your technicians will remove and recycle your old unit including both the indoor and outdoor unit. All components on the air conditioner will be replaced unless otherwise specified. This includes the indoor coil, the lineset connecting the units, the pad or brackets the unit is placed on, your outdoor disconnect and any drainage components. As you are receiving a brand new unit, you do not want to risk any warranty issues by reusing old components, unless necessary! 


How Long Should The AC Installation Take?


Every air conditioner installation is different and there are numerous factors that can affect the length of time the installation can take. This includes length of the lineset, path of the lineset (does it have to pass through finished ceiling), electrical wiring length and many other parameters. That being said most air conditioner installations take 4-5 hours with only those very complicated installations taking longer.


Air Conditioner Installations In Winter?


Many people ask if an air conditioner installation can occur in the winter. The answer is yes! It is very important that your installing contractor comes back in warmer weather to test and start up the unit. This is something we at Airzone always ensure we do for winter installations. If you have your unit installed in the winter, you will have a service technician scheduled to come by and test the unit to ensure you are getting proper cooling and also to ensure fan speeds are properly calibrated and refrigerant levels are perfect for ideal cooling.


Central Air Conditioner Installation Considerations


When choosing your air conditioner there are a few factors that ultimately the homeowner must determine. Though we will always recommend best practices and educate our clientele on the benefits of different units, the decision is ultimately yours. 


-Where do you want the unit placed? Not all locations are equal when it comes to aesthetics, sound levels and functionality. We will recommend a location but it is important to discuss this with your home comfort advisor. 


-What level of efficiency are you looking for? Units range from minimum efficiencies to incredibly efficient high end units, deciding on which unit best suits your needs is important. 


-Do you want the unit on brackets or a pad? Once again we may have recommendations but installation factors such as this are up to the homeowner.


Ottawa Air Conditioner Prices in 2021

Since there is such a broad range of air conditioner products available we have provided a breakout average range for mid tier and higher end coolers.


  • Current average range: We have sold thousands of air conditioner units over the last two decades and have compiled the data on average cost to a homeowner in Ottawa. Though units range from $2200-$10,000+ we have seen the average cost of an air conditioner in Ottawa to be $3300 in 2020. 
  • High end range: Many clients are very environmentally conscious nowadays and a focus on efficiency seems to be very important to homeowners in Ottawa. We have seen an increase in sales of units that are 16-25 SEER and use much less energy than older units. These AC’s can range from $5000-$15,000 and we see clients who purchase high end units spending on average $6500 to enjoy the benefits of efficient, multi stage cooling with incredibly quiet operation. 


Will Air Conditioner Prices Stay The Same?


Like any other product, we have seen price increases of 3-5% annually on air conditioners. At Airzone HVAC Services we have worked very hard with our suppliers to keep our pricing low with major bulk buys and purchasing power. This upcoming AC season will see major price increases from manufacturers across the industry as metal prices continue to skyrocket. AirZone HVAC services have already purchased hundreds of units prior to Spring price increases to ensure our clients in Ottawa receive the best pricing available on quality units!


How Has Covid 19 Affected Air Conditioner Cost?


With factories shutting down due to COVID concerns, shipping lines interrupted and metal prices increasing, air conditioner costs are expected to rise 8%-10% from 2020-2021.  This will be an industry wide increase and is a result of the difficulties created by COVID-19.  At AirZone we have worked very hard to ensure our year over year price increases do not reflect those of the manufacturers and the industry as a whole. With bulk purchases of units and material, along with a commitment to our fair pricing model, we will continue to be a leader in the most cost effective AC installations in Ottawa. 


If you are looking for qualified technicians, industry leading installation practices and a friendly, family owned HVAC company, AirZone HVAC Services will be a perfect fit.  We offer air conditioners from Lennox, Rheem and Amana and combine competitive pricing with meticulous installations to deliver the best value for your dollar on cooling services in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley.



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