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Miami Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Miami Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Energy Star states that keeping an HVAC system for up to 10-15 years will save you at least 20% of the annual cooling and heating bills. Homeowners are confused about the best time to replace their units, especially if they stood the test of time and require minimal repair and replacement. How do you know whether to repair or replace the commercial HVAC in Miami?

HVAC replacement vs. repair

Contact the best commercial AC companies in Miami, Florida, to inspect the unit if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Constant adjustment of the thermostat
  • Noisy operation
  • Stuffy or damp air

Factors to consider when choosing between repair and replacement


Cost is a primary concern of replacing or repairing the HVAC. Many people will look at the monthly fee to determine whether it is time to replace or dust off the unit. Generally, one repair job should cut back the bills because the unit will resume its normal function. It may be time to replace it if you need another repair almost immediately because it may only be the beginning of a series of repairs. Eventually, the cost of multiple repairs will exceed the price of a new faultless unit.


The primary consideration for Miami commercial air conditioning repairs is the safety of the household. The heating system should not present a safety hazard, which is a worse situation than skyrocketing bills. A broken HVAC unit will cause poisonous gas leaks, which are potentially fatal. We replace a unit with too much irreparable wiring instead of rebuilding the unit with multiple replacements.


What is the age of the unit? As mentioned earlier, the average lifetime of an HVAC unit is 15 to 20 years. In some cases, the installer will indicate an expiration date on Miami's industrial air conditioning during the installation. We will determine whether to initiate repair or replace the unit by checking the number of years left.

The exciting bit is that we will not automatically discard the unit if it surpasses the 20-year mark. The indicated dates are the average for most brands in different climatic regions. While they are good indicators of quality, the number is not set in stone and is best analyzed by a commercial HVAC contractor.


The tell-tale sign of a faulty unit is ineffective heating and cooling. Older systems typically have complex heating and cooling operations. It is worth investing in a new unit if you are looking to experience smooth winters and summers with minimal repair and maintenance.

When does repair make sense?

The general rule is that repairs are only suitable for new units - the industry considers units with five years or less to be new. We also recommend repair when the fault is simple and will cost half as much as the price of installing a new unit.

It isn't easy to choose between repairing and replacing the unit without a commercial HVAC contractor's professional opinion. Brophy Air Specialty Group LLC has a team of quickly available technicians for free consultation and inspection. Call (305) 444-6404 today for immediate and effective feedback.


Miami Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs
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Miami Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs
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Miami Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs Miami Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

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