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HVAC Contractor Ottawa

Finding the right HVAC contractor in Ottawa can be tricky, especially if you’ve never had the occasion to hire one in the past. Don’t make the mistake of looking on Google and calling the first contractor that pops up. Being first on the list doesn’t always mean they’re the best.

Call the HVAC contractor more Ottawa residents rely on for exceptional service and quality products. AirZone HVAC is dedicated to providing their customers with service that goes above and beyond anything you’ll experience at the hands of another technician. In fact, AirZone works with 3 of the largest manufacturers in the heating and cooling industry, choosing them for the value they provide to homeowners around the area.

AirZone would like to provide a few helpful tips when looking at HVAC contractors in the Ottawa area:

- Go deep into the community and ask friends and neighbors for referrals when it comes to their heating and cooling needs. If there is a local trade organization in your area, contact them with regard to recommending an HVAC contractor in Ottawa.

- Air AirZone HVAC for customer references that you can call to find out what kind of customer experience they had. While on the phone with the customer, don’t forget to ask about their satisfaction with the product or service they received at the hands of the technician

- Always, always look for a contractor that installs Energy Star products. Every Energy Star qualified product has the capability to offer long-term energy savings. Ask your contractor to show you the calculations of equipment you’re thinking about purchasing.

- Ask for a written estimate before you agree to an installation or a retrofit, so you’ll know what to expect when the job is completed. Hire an HVAC contractor in Ottawa that takes the time to professionally inspect your system and home to assess your needs and determine the right product to meet that need.

- Visit to verify that their technicians are licensed and insured. Never do business with a contractor who cannot provide confirmation that they carry the appropriate license and certification to install your new system, repair your current system or maintain it on an on-going basis.

- Not all homeowners are able to budget for an emergency HVAC replacement. If you’re facing a large bill, it’s essential that you work with an HVAC contractor in Ottawa that offers financing to make your new purchase affordable.

AirZone HVAC offers both heating and cooling equipment financing for what very often turns out to be a surprise investment in your home. They work closely with lenders to make sure their customers are approved easily, often without having to go through the hassle of a credit check.

You can apply for financing right over the website when you visit Furnaces start at just $39.99 per month and ACs from just $29.99, making them an affordable investment should the need arise to replace one or the other unexpectedly. For more information, contact the most trusted HVAC contractor in Ottawa at 613-592-5770. HVAC Contractor Ottawa
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HVAC Contractor Ottawa
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HVAC Contractor Ottawa

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