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furnace repair Ottawa

Affordable furnace repair in Ottawa is never further away than your phone. AirZone HVAC Services provides expert furnace repair and diagnostics on your time, whether that happens to be during the day or after-hours. When it comes to providing customers with the services and products they need to maintain comfort in their homes, AirZone is there for you.

In Ottawa and The Valley, it’s crucial that you go into the heating season with a fully-functioning furnace that is operating at its best. You should start up your furnace before the winter months hit, to ensure that your system is up and running and ready to provide you with a full season of home comfort. If you notice anything wrong such as strange sounds coming from your furnace or an operating issue, contact AirZone to come out and have a look.

For regular and after-hours diagnostic and furnace repair in Ottawa, AirZone offers exceptional value. Regardless of which option you select, you’ll receive a quote for any work that needs to be completed and there is never any obligation or pressure to go with AirZone for the repairs.

- Regular diagnostic services are for home or business owners who are able to call during regular office hours. A technician from AirZone will come out and diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate repairs. Very often, their technicians are able to complete the repair on-site during their diagnostic visit. The cost of diagnostic service during regular business hours is $99 plus HST.

- After hours diagnostic services are for home and business owners who are unable to schedule an appointment during business hours. AirZone’s technicians will come out and troubleshoot your furnace after-hours, although this is not to be confused with their emergency service. The cost of after-hours diagnostic service is $139, a very affordable rate.

You might consider one of AirZone’s protection packages that offer value in helping to reduce the cost of service visits. You can have peace of mind throughout the entire year with a protection package for your furnace, AC or fireplace. Choose the appropriate protection package for your heating and cooling system to ensure that your manufacturer’s parts warranty remains intact and your equipment performs flawlessly throughout the year.

While you are protected under one of AirZone’s plans, should anything go wrong with your furnace or AC, AirZone HVAC Services offers 24 hour priority emergency care. A tech from AirZone will arrive at your door and take care of the problem for you promptly- they will only leave when your problem has been resolved and you are completely satisfied with their visit.

You can read the complete list of what is provided under the protection packages when you visit Hover over ‘Heating’ or ‘Cooling’ and follow the drop down options until you find the protection packages.

You’ll find AirZone provides the ideal furnace repair and maintenance packages throughout Ottawa. If you have questions, feel free to call their office at 613-592-5770. furnace repair Ottawa
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furnace repair Ottawa
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furnace repair Ottawa

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