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Air conditioner companies Ottawa

Not all air conditioner companies in Ottawa offer the range of services and products AirZone HVAC Services provides, but then, not all companies are as dedicated to their customers. Clients looking for value have relied on AirZone for a lot of years, and for a lot of very good reasons.

This upcoming cooling season, AirZone has focused its attention on offering their clients a variety of cooling products from two top manufacturers, Lennox and Amana. Although they realize you have many options when it comes to cooling your home or business, AirZone is dedicated to ensuring that the products they provide for their clients offer value, and they feel that these two companies provide the most value for your investment.

Not all local air conditioner companies in Ottawa can install the new Lennox 14ACX 16.2 SEER for the same affordable cost that AirZone HVAC Services can. Their experts can even help you obtain financing for your new cooling system to make it even more affordable because they understand the purchase of a new AC unit is not something everyone is able to budget for. If your HVAC system should break down unexpectedly, leaving you with the need to purchase a new system, you’ll find AirZone to be very helpful with advice and expertise.

The new Lennox 14ACX SEER is available in 1.5 - 4.0 ton, every model offering the quality you would expect from the Lennox name, along with an affordable price tag you’ll want to take a closer look at if you’re in the market for a new system. Along with being affordable, the Lennox SEER offers a high level of efficiency and quiet operation, so if you like to spend time in your backyard but have found your old system to be an intrusion into your privacy, you’re going to love the hum of this unit.

Take advantage of eco-rebates and you can enjoy a higher SEER model for about the same price as you would with an entry-level unit. Just place a call to one of the leading air conditioner companies in Ottawa at 613-592-5770 to find out how they can provide you with the most value for your money.

If your current cooling system is not running efficiently, you may not need a new installation, you may just need to have your HVAC system diagnosed and repaired by an expert. AirZone makes the repair of your cooling system easy and affordable when you call. They offer two diagnostic service packages: one for regular office hours and one for after hours. When you call for diagnostic services that are not an emergency, your cost is just $99- they’ll even waive the fee if you sign up for one of their protection packages. The cost of after-hours diagnostics is always just $139.

Let’s face it, not all air conditioner companies in Ottawa have your best interest at heart when you call with a cooling problem. Make sure you call the company locals trust. AirZone HVAC Services is always on the job. Air conditioner companies Ottawa
AirZone HVAC Services
Air conditioner companies Ottawa
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Air conditioner companies Ottawa

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