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Ottawa HVAC Repairs

If you live in or around Ottawa and are looking for affordable HVAC repairs, contact AirZone HVAC for reliable services that won’t break the bank. Another heating and cooling season is always just around the corner, therefore it’s essential that your HVAC system is operating properly, regardless of whether you need to cool down your home or bring it up to temperature.

No other contractor serves Ottawa with affordable HVAC repairs like AirZone does. For expert furnace repair and diagnostic services, you’ll find them to be among the lowest priced company around.

You may have squeaked by through the previous year with an HVAC system that was on its last legs, hoping you would make it to the end of the winter and then decided to worry about it the following year once the cold weather passed. The techs at AirZone see that all the time. The problem is, it’s next year now and you’re thinking about turning your furnace on to see if it will do the job. You’re going to be disappointed with the operation and the efficiency of your unit, if it turns on at all.

Let a technician come out to your Ottawa home to perform HVAC diagnostics and repairs to get your system back up and operating at peak efficiency again. Many homeowners who call AirZone are pleasantly surprised to discover they don’t need to purchase a new HVAC system after all. Whether you need a tune-up, annual maintenance or repairs to a few parts or components, you’ll be relieved when your system is functioning properly again- and your energy bills will come back down where they belong.

AirZone provides two affordable diagnostic services to Ottawa and surrounding regions: regular diagnostic service at $99 and after-hours diagnostic service at $139, both very affordable when compared to the cost of replacing your old system. Once the technician finds out what the problem is, upon your approval, they’ll promptly take care of the problem. Many times, a technician is able to complete the repair on-site, same day.

Once your HVAC system is operating at full efficiency, you’ll want to consider one of the protection packages provided by AirZone HVAC that offer value and convenience. Their most popular package for savings and peace of mind costs less than $10 per month and protects your furnace, AC or fireplace. This very affordable package includes maintenance, safety inspection, a 20% discount on scheduled services and priority emergency service in 24 hours or less.

You can learn more about the protection packages AirZone offers by visiting From there, you can read through testimonials from satisfied clients and discover why Ottawa residents love AirZone for HVAC repairs.

For all of your heating and cooling needs, from a timely repair to annual maintenance and new installations, contact the industry leaders at AirZone by calling 613-592-5770. Whether you just have a few questions for their technician or wish to schedule service, feel free to contact a tech today.
Ottawa HVAC Repairs
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Ottawa HVAC Repairs
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Ottawa HVAC Repairs

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